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Wyckoff Consultants helps nonprofit health care organizations, medical practices and educational institutions achieve excellence in governance, marketing and operations.
"Truly, the difference in performance between one non-profit institution and another lies in the mission-orientation and transparency of its governance."
James W. Wyckoff, DHA, APR, Principal
The Knowledge Capital Audit
Corporations have both tangible and intangible assets.  Most agree that more than half of a corporation's market value is intangible. 
Tangible assets are reported on consolidated balance sheets and in SEC filings, but where are intangibles, or knowledge capital assets, reported?  In Europe, a few corporations voluntarily publish Knowledge Capital Reports or the equivalent.  In the US, only a knowledge capital audit can show investors and management the drivers of performance and sustainable competitive advantage, knowledge capital. 
Wyckoff Consultants is a pioneer in conducting knowledge capital audits.

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